Sutton Tools Masonry SDS Plus 2cut & Reo Pro 3cut

Sutton Tools SDS Plus Range 2Cut for concrete, brick, aerated concrete, stone and granite. Features carbide tip, with centering ‘Z’ geometry and…

Sutton Tools Reo Extreme Concrete Drill

100% Carbide head. Superior performance in reinforced concrete. Fits SDS max drills. 10 Cut

Sutton Inox Drills

Sutton Tools INOX jobber drills are an industrial quality drilling solution specially designed for superior performance in stainless steel. Tailored to overcome…

Impact Tap & Drill Set

Designed for use in impact drivers for extremely fast tapping speed (3 second) in excess of 20x faster than hand tapping. Suitable…

D183 Supabit Impact Drills

Supabits are designed for use in impact drivers and suitable for general purpose use in metal, timber & plastics.

D153 Black Magic VA Drill

Drilling stainless steel?… Look no further! Due to 300 and 400 series Stainless Steels possessing excellent resistance to corrosion, its use in…

Metal & Wood Drill Bits

View Sutton Tools’ range of metal and wood Drill Bits.

Drills Masonry

View Sutton Tools’ range of Masonry Drill Bits.