Grabit Drill Out Series is an industrial grade damaged bolt remover. The unique extractor design provides maximum impact and break-out ability. The drill bit and extractor (collet) are on the same end of the tool. The bell-shaped drill head allows the tool to be pivoted inside the drill hole helping to stay on centre. The collet/extractor is made from hot work die steel, providing strength & flexibility.
Precision engineered for multiple extractions and maximum performance, Grabit Drill Out is suitable for bolts up to 42HRC and can also drill into Grade 8 bolts. The self-centering drill tip works on jagged, uneven rough breaks. No grinding or centre punching required.

Grabit Series are designed to remove broken bolts. A burnishing (drilling) and extractor in one tool, the burnishing end reshapes inside damaged head of screw, screw the extractor/collet forward and extract. Serrations on extractor/collet result in greater torque for hard to remove bolts.
Note: Remove any waste material before using extractor end to avoid tool binding with bolt. Power tool must be used in reverse only when drilling and extracting.

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