Affordable 4-cutters extend masonry drill range

A new 4-cutter drill series is the latest addition to Sutton Tools’ SDS-compatible masonry tools. Product Manager Peter Craven explains how adding it to your range can reduce risks and save cost for your customers.

Drilling holes in concrete during building and renovation projects can encounter some unexpected issues, including the risk of striking steel reinforcing during the process. This can cause extra costs in time and materials.

Sutton Tools have added a cost-effective solution for those situations when there’s a possibility of steel reinforcement, or it’s a known challenge of the task to hand. We’ve just added new 4-cutter drills to the masonry tools range which we relaunched in mid-2018 to cope with the issue of reinforced concrete – in addition to bricks, marble, granite and other stone. Manufactured in Europe, the SDS Plus shank is suitable for all SDS drills.

Technical superiority

SDS Plus Reo 4 Cutter drill bits sport a number of features that make them a cut above the rest. Four tungsten carbon-tipped (TCT) tips result in less friction, which translates as less wear at higher drilling speeds. They have a half-round spiral flute which also allows for higher speeds by accelerating dust extraction. Other advantages include an environmentally friendly sand-blasted finish and heavy metal-free composition.

Green is for GO!

Easy to spot with the striking new orange tags we introduced to our relaunched masonry tool range in 2018, the SDS Plus Reo 4 cutter drill is distinctively colour-coded green. This enables your staff and customers to quickly recognise its attributes against our:

• Yellow-coded SDS Plus range of 2-cutter masonry drills for concrete
• Grey-coded SDS Plus Reo Pro 3-cutters for reinforced concrete, brick, stone and granite
• Red-coded SDS Max range which includes the REO Extreme long-lasting range of 10-cutter 100% carbide drills

Adding a new dimension to our wide range of SDS-compatible masonry drills, this powerful new 4-cutter is priced competitively in the market.

For more information on increasing revenues from Sutton Tools’ range of advanced masonry tools, view our masonry tool catalogue or talk to your Sutton Tools Account Manager.

About the Author

Peter Craven
Peter Craven
Peter Craven is Sutton Tools’ Product Manager for a range of development projects. Peter has over 25 years’ experience in the hardware industry in merchandise management roles.