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The Grabit Select Series has been produced after decades of research and development to bring you the most innovative range of screw extraction tools on the market.

Grabit invests millions of dollars in new engineering software and specialised manufacturing equipment to improve the design and functionality of the range and has patents in over 70 countries.

Traditional extractors need multiple tools and are generally used by hand. Grabit Series is a range of precision-engineered screw & bolt extractors for multiple extractions and maximum performance. The tool is double ended, with a burnishing (drilling) and extractor in the one tool. The burnishing end reshapes the inside damaged head of the bolt or screw, and the serrations on the extracting end of the tool results in greater torque for hard to remove screws and bolts. Used with a power tool in reverse mode you can efficiently remove damaged & broken screws, bolts & studs.

Grabit Select Series comprises four ranges:

Grabit Pro Logo Grabit Micro Logo Grabit Tools Logo Grabit Drill-Out Logo
  • Grabit – The Easy Way to Remove Damaged Screws
  • Grabit Pro – Pro-Grade Damaged Screw & Bolt Remover
  • Grabit Micro- Industrial Grade Damaged Bolt Remover
  • Grabit Drill-Out – Remove Small Bolts with Ease

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